Over the past several years, Iron Gate has been given a unique opportunity working with our customers to convert old, worn out antiques into fully functional and reusable items. The Piano Conversion, Roll Top Desk Conversion, and the 1883 Pump Organ conversions displayed below offer a great insight into a few of the antique conversions by Iron Gate Antiques.  

We’ve also converted antique beds to current conventional sizes (e.g., double to queen size), and modified armoires into entertainment centers. We will be happy to work with you on any ideas you have or design a  transition use for your item.  We pride ourselves on the results of conversion projects that pull an antique into the present, with modern functional uses.

Original Piano
Side Panel Before Conversion
key cover and base top removed
key cover and base top removed
Cutting upper section from piano
Upper Section Removed
repair loose veneer
lower section on back with veneer being repaired
new back , base bottom and shelf installed
desk section of base repaired
making cubby holes and drawers for desk section
top of desk and cover installed
felt and drawr knobs installed
Piano/ Desk complete

Roll Top Desk conversion to Personal Computer Desk

This series of pictures depicts the restoration of a Double Pedestal Roll Top Desk that had been in storage for over 5 years. Customer requested that the desk be restored and converted so that a personal computer could be used in the desk
Our first task was to reassemble the pieces of the desk to ensure nothing was missing
After evaluating the desk the next step was to remove all old finish and prepare the desk for modification. Modifications included removing dividers from the right hand pedestal section and removing 3 inch strips of wood from the bottom of the pedestal to allow the Computer to receive cool air while operating
The two upper left drawers of the left pedestal were removed and joined together to form a door. A sliding drawer was added to allow the printer to be put away (hidden) when not in use. The center desk drawer was fitted with a hinge and special button latches to allow the drawer face to lay flat for easy access to the keyboard