February 2018

February 1, 2018

We’ve moved—but not far!  A couple of weeks ago we left the old building where Cochran’s Sawmill used to be for the building across Bluemont Village Lane where our work spaces are.  The new store space is in the front of the building facing Snickersville Turnpike.  The old building has been taken over completely by Boulder Crest Retreat for Wounded Warriors; they are renovating it and turning the space into offices.  You may have seen photos of the new space on our Facebook page.  We hope you’ll come see it in person!

Our featured acquisition for the month is the Hunzinger piano stool shown below.  George Jakob Hunzinger grew up in Tuttlingen in the province of Württemberg, Germany, emigrating to America in 1855.  He is famous for his innovative patented furniture in the Renaissance Revival style, and though his work belongs in this category, it is so unique that it stands alone as a category unto itself.  Hunzinger and his heirs amassed a collection of 20 patents through 1899, the first of which was for an improved reclining chair in 1861.  His pieces are known for a unique front diagonal brace, conical terminations, decorative balls, carved and incised circular medallions, metal banding for seats and seat backs, and the famous lollipop designs.  Hunzinger pieces are frequently branded with his name and patent number.  Additional photos are on the Recent Acquisitions tab of our website at  http://irongateantiques.com/recent-acquisitions/

Keep watching our website and Facebook page for another acquisition, this one a 6-stack barrister bookcase that is almost ready for our showroom.  Since barristers (i.e., lawyers) required the use of many law books and would formerly travel on circuit with a judge’s court, they required a specialized form of portable bookcase to meet their needs.  These bookcases consisted of separate shelf units that could be stacked together to form a cabinet.  When moving chambers, each shelf can be carried separately without needing to remove its contents and thus becomes a carrying-case full of books.  And we always thought the glass fronted cabinets were just to keep out the dust . . .

If you want to combine a visit to our store with something else, consider the Round Hill Art Center’s new show entitled “The Appalachian Trail: Art of the Adventure.”  On display at Hill High Market on Route 7 in Round Hill, this exhibit is open daily from noon until 4 p.m. all month.  Celebrating 80 years since the completion of the Appalachian Trail, this exhibit promises to be well worth a visit!  Also, we will be open President’s Day February 19, 2018

Lynne & Bob McCann