June 2017

June 1, 2017

Are you a horse lover?  If so, this month’s featured items may be for you!  The engravings below, which are in matching frames, date from 1826 and 1827, respectively.  Both published by John Watson of London, “The Mail Coach in a Storm of Snow” was engraved by George Reeves and “The Mail Coach in a Flood” was engraved by F. Rosenbourg, both after paintings by James Pollard (1792-1867).  Pollard, the son of painter and publisher Robert Pollard, was born in Islington.  He is known for his mail coach, fox hunting and equine scenes and exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1821 and 1839.  Pollard’s affinity for painting mail coaches began in 1821, when the King’s printseller, Edward Orme, commissioned him to paint an inn signboard showing a mail coach with horses and passengers. This signboard was first displayed in Orme’s Bond Street shop window, where it was greatly admired by the Austrian ambassador and led to many successful commissions.


If you want to see real horses, consider the opportunity presented by the Western Loudoun Artists Studio Tour on June 3rd & 4th.  In this 12th annual event, artists promote their work by inviting the public into their studios.  With 60+ artists participating, you’ll have a good excuse to visit places in small villages and remote areas throughout the county.  See http://www.wlast.org/ for the map for this free event.

If you don’t manage to see enough horses while on the Studio Tour, the Upperville Colt & Horse Show will be held June 5th-11th.  Dating from 1853, this is the oldest horse show in the nation, yet admission is only $10—and free on Monday.  The events page at http://www.upperville.com/events even lists a car show (horsepower), a terrier race and several Middleburg Humane Foundation events.  Looks like fun!

Even closer to the store, Great Country Farm will host Honeybee Day on June 17th, when patrons can pick their own tart cherries, a crop made possible by honeybees.  This event will highlight the importance of honeybees in food production.  Unfortunately, their population is down 50% from what it was in 1945.  Come to the event to see what you can do to help.  Stop by the store on your way to see what’s new-to-us and what Bob’s working on!

Lynne & Bob McCann

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