August 2018

August 1, 2018

Did you see the photos below on our Facebook page? In case you didn’t recognize it, this recently acquired item is a poissonniere or, for those of us whose primary language is English, a French fish pot or kettle.  This one is over 24” long, not including the handles, which makes sense when you know it’s used to poach whole fish.  Modern ones apparently look much the same—so you can tell I’m not a gourmet chef, at least not where fish are concerned!

If you decide to come out to the store to see the poissonniere or any of our other recent acquisitions, you may want to combine it with a visit to Great Country Farm. It’s time for U-pick peaches and nectarines now, with the Peach Daze Fuzztival scheduled for the 4th – 5th. Besides the awesome pancakes topped with freshly sliced peaches and whipped cream, which is enough of a reason to go, there are events scheduled all day to include live music, a Peach Eating Contest, a Peach Pit Spitting Contest and Family Water Games. For those who prefer to enjoy their peaches in a more sedate environment, the Bluemont Vineyard will have Peach Wine Slushies or their Summer Peach Wine.  Dirt Farm Brewing will feature Som’ Peach Golden Ale and have a peach-inspired menu, including Peach and Country Ham Flatbread, Ginger-Peach Chicken Sliders and Grilled Peach Salad.  Yum!!

Looking ahead to later in the month, the Big Dig at Great Country Farm is the 18th – 19th.  This is when you can pick your own potatoes.  Bob and I had a great time when we went, though I remember asking friends for recipe recommendations as we brought home quite a few pounds of them.  This year I think we’ll try the Fresh Potato, Thyme and Truffle Oil Flatbread pizzas at their Roosteraunt, and if that isn’t as amazing as it sounds, will go for their Pulled Pork BBQ.  And, there’s always their hot Cider donuts!!

Clearly the poissonniere has me thinking about food.  Be sure to check out our Recent Acquisitions page on our website at Recent Acquisitions as there are a number of them this month—including some china, which also relates to food . . .

Lynne & Bob McCann