Iron Gate handles each job with the level of care needed to beautifully restore your antique. Our experts have years of experience. From refinishing to repairing broken pieces and even hand carving, the quality of work is unsurpassed. The work is done so well your Antique should endure another lifetime of use.

To see some examples of our quality work, scroll down and explore some of Iron Gate Antiques restoration projects.



This is a Coles Mfg Company Coffee Grinder # 9. Which has been in the Clients family since the 1880′s. We completely disassembled cleaned and repainted the entire piece.


The Coffee Grinder restored. The colors are as close to original as possible.




Found this Rocker at a local Auction described as “old rocker” with string seat


Rocker was in fact a Waterford Rocker made in 1870’s by John and William Mount .


Fully restored rocker including a new Ash splint seat with a diamond pattern seat weave.


This 6 stack Globe and Warnicke Bookcase was a rare find. The stack is white oak with leaded glass doors. The base was missing. The leaded glass was repaired, a new base of white oak was made and matched. The bookcase was totally restored.  A truly beautiful piece. circa 1905
An old step stool from the late 1950’s. Customer wanted item totally restored and repainted red.
Trunk stripped and rotted coverings removed.
Trunk wood refinished and all metal primed.
Trunk metal surfaces painted with enamel. Job complete!
Pictures are of an old Trunk that we completely restored. Whole trunk was stripped, repaired, primed, painted and refinished. A new tray was made and a cedar lining was installed on the bottom of the tray and the lower section of the trunk was cedar lined. The interior’s upper section was relined with paper. Trunk wheels were repaired.
This quarter-sawn oak desk dates from 1894. The 4th generation owner entrusted us with the complete restoration of the desk. Desk was completely disassembled, stripped , reglued and numerous repairs made. The Tambour door was beyond saving due to heavy black stains caused by a spilled ink well in the past.
Hoosier by Marsh. Completely restored.
Salesman’s sample of a chest. Multiple issues including missing veneers, loose veneers, top was detached and drawers slides worn.
Close up of drawer facing and brass pulls
Drawer facing and brass pulls restored
Card table from early 1900’s Table top is solid walnut and base is burled walnut veneer. Problems included old/worn finish,stains on table surfaces, veneer pieces missing top section of table was broken into two pieces.
Ingraham Clock Made for Wooden Ware Hardware Company in Atlanta in 1906. Clock was in dire need of restoration. Could not even see the designs in the pressed oak case due to the poor condition of the finish.
Ingraham Clock prior to Restoration
Clock after it has been stripped
Clock after total Restoration
Spinnet Desk before restoration
Spinnet Desk before restoration
Spinnet Desk after restoration
Even the interior of the drawers was painted
You just never know what you will find under old paint!
Spinnet desk was painted pink about twenty years ago. Under all that paint was a solid mahogany beauty!
Bird's Eye Maple Chairs as found
Chairs stripped and ready for caning and refinishing
Bird's Eye Maple Chairs Restored
Singer Sewing Cabinet (before)
Singer Sewing Cabinet (after restoration)
Cabinet Top (before restoration)
Cabinet Top (after restoration)
Cabinet Side (before restoration)
Cabinet Side (after restoration)
Trademark Restored
Singer Sewing Cabinet – complete restoration,
including metal trademark.
Ladies Vanity Chair.  After restoration, seat now swivels, and back is caned.  



Rocker that had been painted neon red and repaired with duct tape


Rocker stripped and refinished. Wood is maple and we used colored rush to complete the chair


A late 1800’s chair extremely wobbly with left leg about to fall of and a large amount of veneer loss. The brass had multiple coats of shellac on it


Repaired leg, replaced all missing veneer and stained to match other wood, cleaned and polished brass


Oak Rams Head barrel backed chair that almost went into the garbage. Sat in the attic of a local house for over 50 years


Chair stripped and refinished, rams heads had numerous split and breaks. retied springs, added new padding and new leather

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