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Washington Jacquard Tablecloth Measuring 64” square, the center has shield-breasted eagles and there are portraits of Washington, after a painting by Gilbert Stuart, in the corners with scenes of Native Americans and early settlers in between. It’s possible this is a Centennial piece (1876), as there was resurgence of interest in Washington at about that time. Clearly this was made on a jacquard loom given the mirror images on the piece.

Late 19th Century Red Jacquard Coverlet with floral pattern, approx 88″ L x 76″ W Good condition with some minor spots.

Late 19th Century red and green quilt, approx 92″ L x 92″ W Good Condition, with some fraying at edges and some minor spots

Mid 20th Century Purple and White Chenille fringed Bedspread, approx 94″L x 95″ W GoodCondition, Minor wear to fringe particularly
at top edge

Late 19th Century Star Quilt approx 78″ L x 72″ W, Good Condition, with some minor spots